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Mars Day @ The National Air & Space Museum
Review by Ernest Lilley
smithstoian  ISBN/ITEM#: marsday2017
Date: 21 July 2017

Links: Mars Day 2017 @ Nationa Air & Space Museum / SU Press release / NASA - Summer of Mars / Show Official Info /

On July 20th, we celebrated th 48th anniversary of Apollo 11's mission to the moon, but the very next day we heading to the National Air & Space Museum to look ahead to the exploration of Mars. It's Mars Day 2017! 

We got to talk to a number of presenters about the Mars Car, Rover driving and what to do when the steering sticks, How to tell if your meteorite was chipped from Martian rock and more. Take a look at out pics and get ready to head for the Red Planet!

Even though it's more like Venus Day with temperatures in the 100s in DC, we're heading to the National Air & Space Museum for Mars day. We'll be back with pictures as soon as our return vehicle lands back here at TechREvu Misson Control. We can't wait to kick the tires on the Mars Car!


Using NASA-engineered science and specs, this rover was created as a traveling exhibit to inspire and educate the next generation of space explorers. (Credit: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex)

Curious about how many Gs Curiosity's lander took when it hit the Martian atmoshere? Our NASA spokesperson was able to fill us in. "When Curiosity's entry vehicle hit the Martian atmosphere it was going over 13,000 mph and decelerated at over over 10 g’s." Fun fact: It was protected by the largest aeroshell/heatsheild ever built."

Rover driver Mike Seibert explains how to work around an aging rover's quirks. Curiosity is better a backing than going forward now, so we try to overshoot out targets and creep up on them from behind. 

THe roock that fell from Mars. Although it doesn't say "Made on Mars" anywhere, analysis of the gasses in these meteorites match the Martian atmoshpere making a martian origin for these rocks a pretty good bet.

MARS Wants YOU! NASA came up with a batch of retro posters for their Summer of Mars that you can download at: 

After the tour ends in August, you'll still be able to visit the Kennedy Space Center and see all the Martian exhibits. See:

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