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Empower and Let Go by Gerald O'Connor
Kindle  ISBN/ITEM#: B01N5QZJ83
Date: 09 March 2017

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O'Connor's companion volume to his upcoming online course (see links) gives a thorough overview of the Agile Management process in a very readable 180 pages. He talks about the reasons that agile can make sense for an organization, what it takes to enable it, who fits agile methods and who doesn't, and gives a lot of useful information on agile project structure, meeting focuses, and general strategies. Of special note is his emphasis on 'The Last Responsible Moment,' and how delaying decisions as long as possible (but no longer) allows you to deal with dynamic environments without getting stuck with a plan that looked good when you made it but no longer works. If you've worked in an agile environment, Empower and Let Go will solidify your understanding of the process, and if you're considering trying Agile out on your next project it will give you a good foundation for what it takes, where it fits, and what Agile leadership requires. The job of an Agile project manager, the author explains, is to make sure the team has everything they need to succeed, not just at the beginning, but at every step along the way, and then stand back and let people do what they're naturally inclined to do: perform. The author knows that agile isn't for everyone, but for projects that exist in fluid environments, it offers a path to realizing the critical project objectives, rather than getting bogged down by plans and goals that are secondary or obsolete.

From release/information:

Do you wonder whether your workforce could be more efficient? Do you wish you could streamline your project management systems? If so, you should explore the agile project management process. Agile project management was developed at the beginning of the twenty-first century. According to its creators, the agile process involves recognizing the importance of the following principles: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, Working software over comprehensive documentation, Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and Responding to change over following a plan Empower and Let Go explores why the agile system could serve as the foundation for your next project, outlines the step-by-step processes of using it, and examines how the system could change in the future. It also addresses speculation about game theory altering the systems of professional management. The book finishes with a discussion of the leader’s role in the agile environment and ways to support and encourage teams.

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