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Fujifilm X-Pro2 vs Leica M: Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery? by Louis Ferreira, Fujifilm USA, Leica USA, News  ISBN/ITEM#: CM170219COPYCAT
Date: 19 February 2017

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Having used a Leica M9 at Leica's North America Road Show M-Event in June 2010, we know what a superb camera it is.  Upon hearing that the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is meant to be a much more affordable alternative, we'd love to evaluate them head-to-head.

From release/information:

I am one of the lucky few to have grown up with Leica.  It is weird to critically think about the irrational purchase of such an expensive camera as new digital models are released, but if you grew up with a Leica in your life it is very hard to let go of the brand.

For some, Leica is a status symbol like a Ferrari or Rolex, only to be admired from afar, but it is my belief that this is the result of very misguided marketing. The only way a Leica is like a Ferrari is that most owners won't learn to fully utilize them and the only Leicas that can claim to be Rolex-like are older Leicas like the M3 because, beyond the rangefinder and dials, modern Ms are not very mechanical.

So, how does the Fujifilm X-Pro2 fit?  If you saw the pictures I published, you can clearly see how similar, almost identical, the cameras are in design.  The Fujifilm has a lot more bells and whistles for a fraction of the price, and a photographer can choose to limit their use if they like to have a very Leica M-like shooting experience.  They only feel ever so slightly different due to the materials used to build them.

(Source:, Fujifilm USA, Leica USA,

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