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Galaxy Note 7 Fires Likely Caused By 'Super-Aggressive Manufacturing Process' by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
Review by Charles Mohapel News  ISBN/ITEM#: CM161211GALAXY
Date: 11 December 2016

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Remember all those superthin iPhones and Samsung smartphones that had bending problems a couple of years ago due to the fact that they were designed to be so thin? Manufacturing engineering company Instrumental believes that similar design issues caused so many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.

There's a limit to just how thin you can make things.  A teardown suggests that Samsung took things too far.

The tolerance between the battery and the chassis in the Galaxy Note 7 could be as small as 0.1 mm.

Manufacturing engineering company Instrumental has carried out a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and it believes it has found the cause of the battery fires and explosions.

According to Instrumental, the problem came down to a "super-aggressive manufacturing process".

In a nutshell, here's the problem:

  • Manufacturers want to make their devices as thin as possible
  • That means making the batteries thinner
  • The thinner a lithium-ion battery, the less electrolytic separator there is keeping the lithium cobalt oxide anode from coming into contact with the graphite cathode
  • Physical stress, either from being in a pocket or from heat build up (either environmental or from charging), can deform the battery, potentially causing the anode and cathode to come into contact
  • If the anode and cathode come together, then you have problems (in the form of fires and potential explosions)


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